y: Po■liticized ban on◆ Huawei shows U.S. ●losing spirit of ope◆nn

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Chinese g〓overnment. How◆

to● defend na■tional security●, Macron sa〓id.The ban on the● supply of U.S.-mad〓e chi

ps to Huawei■ is a lose-l■ose in any sense, a〓s it poses a ●threat to Hu●awei's viab〓ility and U.S. compa●nies also


ever, "no int◆ell

pay th〓e price.Out of the ●total of 70 ◆billion U.S. d●ollars Huawei spe○nt on buying● comp


igence se●rvice

onents i■n 2018, some 1●1 billion dollars w◆ent to U.S●. companies, the ◆Reuters reported ◆F


has published

riday."The ban wil●l financially harm t●he thousan■ds of Americ●ans employed by the ■U.S. com


■clear evidenc

pan■ies that do ○business wit●h Huawei," said ●Catherine Chen, a D●irector of the Bo○ard at

rted 'b◆ackdoors' for Chi●

  • Huawe■i, in a The Ne◆w York Times● article on Frida○y. "A total ban on ○Huawei equ■ipment could elimin■ate tens of thousan◆ds of American jo■bs."Althoug●h Huawei does not do○ much busin〓ess in the United S◆tates, the company ◆is the sole pro〓vider of networking■ equipment to 〓many rural■ American

    nese authorities to○ access the data ■that passes◆ th
  • ■internet pr◆oviders, ac◆cording to a CNN ar◆ticle on Tuesday○."Those co〓mpanies have● said it will take ○time -- or ma○y be impos●sible -- to replace■ their Huawei techn○ology with a◆ rival's," it add〓ed.As a mo■ve to ease the● repercussion ○of the ban, th○e U.S. Departmen〓t of Commerce on Mon◆

    rough its 〓networks," a■ccording t〓o a December 201
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  • 8 a●rticle by U.S. m●e
  • dia Politico.◆Given the ●lack
  • of pr〓oof that Huawei ○t
  • hreatens U.S. se■curity, la
st week'
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  • ■s twin moves by● Wash
  • ington -- ■the use of stat■e a
  • pparatus to op〓press a co
  • mpany --〓 are a refl■ectio
n of not
  • h○ing but bullying.Th■
  • e smearing c■ampaign against○
  • Huawei aside,◆ the United
  • States 〓has also been tr○
ying to
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  • rally Europe◆ to abando
  • n Hu◆awei product●s, citing ◆
  • security threats◆. It was
  • not we●lcome."Europe mu〓s
t not be

dragge■d i

day issued a 90-d○ay temporary 〓license loosening 〓restrictions on

nto the◆

  • busi〓ness deals ○with Huawei.Huawei ■doesn't in■tend to is

  • o○late itself〓 from others,○ but wants to ?/p>

  • 駇ake as many f◆riends as possi■ble, its founder R●en Zhengfei to

  • ld Chi●nese media on Tue●sday when asked w●hy Huawei didn't use○ s


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